Are you really fine?

A friend passed ,not really a close friend,but anyway  i felt bad,i was in morning and sad

i happened to pass by a coffee shop and the attendant was like

HI, how are u
my reply was
hi, am fine, how are you
his reply was:
am fine too welcome!
the exchange of pleasantries was ok because that is what normal append but after taking my position ofcoz next to the window i happened to reflect a pone how much a lie i said
the question was am i really fine?but what was my reply?
deep down inside you know you are not fine why lie?

how many of us lie?
why do we lie?
how many are ready to take in the intensity of the truth if its ever said?
could it be the reason why we lie?
the cause of death was suicide meaning at some point she felt she could take no more and that was her solution to it.

how many people mate her am not sure and from the believe in our African culture then saying Hi is a must and to all those hi her response was “am fine”
do we love ourselves enough to speak up when we aint ok?
do we give our loved ones an environment for them not to be ok if they aint?

let your loved ones know you love then no matter how ugly their truth is!



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