Lets talk!

OK i get annoyed at times…do you wanna know why? there are some (oh God! ) i don’t know what to call them in the politest way possible!

Do people ever get to understand that human beings are complex (huge understatement), and revealing our personality is a monumental challenge but all in all from the basics we know we have extroverts who are are talkative and outgoing and introverts who are are quiet and private

Am an introvert and so a’ll speak for ‘us” i know there are times we exhibit the traits for extroverts i don’t know in some occasions, situations, with some people that magic just happens when we are around them BUT that doesn’t make us them it was just for a short while and am back to being me please understand .

Interestingly when back to default state there is a face we pull 

RBF or better known as  is a facial condition in which the person’s face is.. resting.They’re not smiling, not frowning, not in conversation. But yet they appear annoyed or angry. Myself included.

People will ask what’s wrong? or are you mad at me? when, actually, we’re just thinking.

But whatever you do.. don’t say Smile! You’ll look so much prettier! because that will make us ~actually~ angry.

please understand!



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