Procastination here is a crazy topic but hell no we all in a way or the other fall victims not because we choose to   but something to do with our nature in general.

The very best way to learn how to break through procrastination is to learn to motivate yourself and in turn build the right habits into your life.

What? I can learn to motivate myself? This can’t be true, my motivation comes and goes and never seems to stick around at the right time! What can i do 

Chill out. Take a deep breather and read on.

That motivation comes and goes is completely normal and human. Even the most successful people in our society experience this.

That is why we need motivation to get the ball rolling and use this initial spark to build the right habits, patterns and routines into our lives.

Then, and only then is lasting success and change actually possible because motivation is indeed a fleeting thing.

Do you really think athletes such as boxers and bodybuilders are always super stoked to go and train?

Hell, no! Despite doing the sport they love, many athletes often report that they don’t particularly look forward to many of their training sessions.

And who can scold them for it?

Their training can be brutal ans downright intimidating!

Do you really think track and field atheletes look forward to running twenty 200m sprints every day?

Do you really think bodybuilders look forward to hoisting 405lbs on the squat for 12 reps on leg day?

Let me clue you in: No they don’t. And they often actually feel like putting off training!

But they go anyway!

How do they do it!

You see, beating procrastination and drumming up motivation (that is eventually taken over by habit) really comes down to three important strategies.

1. Write down why, when and how you’re going to tackle your tasks

This one is also a very simple, yet highly effective method of getting important tasks done and evetually putting them on habitual autopilot, where going to the gym for example, won’t be such a monumental struggle anymore.

If you’re challenged by not being able to get yourself to do hard tasks, you most likely don’t know why, when and how you are going to do things.

Good that you have pen and paper and have the ability to figure out the answer to these questions in literally 5–10min.

So, why is it important that you finally use your gym memberhsip and get into shape? Why is it important that you start your nutrition plan with the next meal and not next week?

Get really clear on this, and brainstorm at least 10 reasons for why you want to get this area of your life handled once and for all.

As soon as you know why you want to change for the long-term, be sure to get clear on when you are going to start and how.

Again, be as precise as possible.

This is how it could look like (and work really well at getting you activated).

“I want to go to the gym starting tomorrow and want to build it into a habit of going three times a week. My gym days will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I will go at 3.00 pm. I will follow the routine that my personal trainer has given me every time I step unto the gym floor. The most important step though, is making this a habit.”

2. Your goal is to build a habit

Okay, where does all of this lead us?

Well, the end game of all of this, so to speak, is to turn certain, high ROI activites of your life intohabits.

That way you don’t have to come onto Quora every day to rationalize why you are procrastinating on your important tasks (Ask me how I know).

I’ve written about building good habits extensively and encourage you to check out my articles.

You could also pick up the excellent book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

I wish you more that luck!

And let this be the day that you finally break through and do it!



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